Active school travel


Safety of our children is paramount and something that you as parents and caregivers, and we as educators, are constantly encouraging our children to think about. We are quick to let those in authority know when we see unsafe practices and often times take action ourselves to improve the safety of our students.

Here is our chance to really make a difference to safety around our school and prove that we can make a difference.

What is active school travel (AST)?

Brisbane city council's active school travel program aims to change travel behaviour to and from school. Families are encouraged to walk, cycle, scooter, car pool or use public transport and even use our outside school hours care (before and after school care) to reduce traffic congestion around schools.

Traffic congestion and safe travel around our school are very important concerns and are obviously shared by the majority of our families, judging by the number of phone calls and emails we receive in this regard. This program is an opportunity to use local government expertise and resources to address the issues that the school is experiencing in regards to traffic congestion which will hopefully lead to an improved situation.

The program aims to:

  • reduce congestion around schools

  • improve road safety around schools

  • improve students' and parents' fitness and health

  • reduce greenhouse gas emissions

  • improve community networks.

If you are interested in helping to improve the safe travel around the school, please email the principal and leave your details. The more people we have supporting this program will ensure the program's success.

More information is available from the Brisbane city council.

Drop and Go Zone - Horn Road

This is a two minute drop and go zone during the congested school peak period. Please read how to use this zone correctly in Drop and Go Zone to ensure the safety of our children. A name template (DOCX, 23KB) has been provided for your use.

Day to remember

Tuesday is our selected active school travel day for Aspley State School. This is due to a lot of other commitments students may have on other mornings.

Every Tuesday will now be known as Tackle Traffic Tuesday. We need to make everyone aware of a condition that families at Aspley are sure to be affected by and it's highly contagious. It's called Get off your backside on Tuesday (GOYBOT)! There is no need to see your doctor if you are affected by this condition, in fact it may prevent future visits to the doctor just be catching GOYBOT.

Congratulations to 4P for coming up with the name for our active school travel day and to Year 6R for the discovery of the GOYBOT condition. Design a GOYBOT competition will be organised in Term 2.

Please remember: Tuesday is just a starting point, actively travel to school whenever possible.

AST stamps

All students will receive an active school travel passport. Students who actively travel to schools on Tuesdays will collect stamps and earn lots of great rewards this year.

Where do you go to get a stamp?

Each Tuesday members of our AST group will be at the hall to stamp passports of students who actively travel to school. If you forget your passport, you will be given a stamped piece of paper to put in your book.

How to actively travel to school

We know that everyone is different, so there are lots of ways you can actively travel to school.

How will you actively travel to school?

Always remember to slip slop slap.


Leave the car at home and walk your kids to school. If you live too far away, drive part of the way and walk the rest. We call that "Park and Stride" (P&S). Join a P&S group of parents and children. Don't forget a water bottle, hat, sunscreen, walking shoes are best and umbrella in case of rain. See Park and Stride Flyer for more details.


Bike or scooter to school, ride with your children to school. It's legal to ride on the footpath and remember to always have your helmet secured on your head. Don't forget the sunscreen and maybe a raincoat in the backpacks in case of rain.


Find a friend and carpool to school. It's an easy way to save money and time. Talk to other parents in your child's class or at music or sport to see who is going your way. Team up with some other parents in your area and carpool.

Public transport

Public transport is easy once you know how. For bus timetables, visit Translink, phone 13 12 30 or visit the transport information centre located on the corner of Ann and Roma Street.

Try catching the bus, it can be fun.

Outside school hours care

Aspley State School has even included outside school hours care (before and after school care) as an active school travel alternative, so if your child goes to before school care, make sure they have their passports and get a stamp on Tuesday. This of course still allows you to drive to school but helps in the traffic congestion.

Want to help?

We still need parents and caregivers to join the committee, or if you can assist with events and even stamp mornings we would love to have you there.

If you are interested in helping to improve the safe travel around the school, please email the principal and leave your details. The more people we have supporting this program will ensure the program's success.

Last reviewed 06 December 2019
Last updated 06 December 2019