​Welcome to our Library Page. Here you will find general information about how our library operates, and different events that we run throughout the year. Our School Newsletter is the best place to find out specific information about our library, so please read the Library News every fortnight.

We are very fortunate at Aspley State School to have an amazing collection of resources in our library. Classes in Preparatory and Year One have a one hour Information Literacy Lesson in the library every week. They also borrow and return their books in this time. Other year levels arrange to come to the library and swap their books. Your class teacher will communicate your classes' library day to you.

Changes to our regular practices

As part of our response to COVID-19, we are suspending our before and after school borrowing. Students are still welcome to borrow at second break or with their class. We are also reducing the number of books that students can borrow. The following limits will apply until the end of Term 2:

  • Preparatory Students – able to borrow one Junior Fiction book, changed at their weekly class library lesson,
  • Year One Students – able to borrow one Junior Fiction and one Home Reader, changed at their weekly class library lesson, and
  • All other year levels – able to borrow one Fiction and one Non-Fiction book at a time.

These borrowing limits will be reviewed at the end of the term. Students will continue to have access to eBooks through the Queensland Education Department's Digital Library and to additional levelled Home Reading eBooks through Literacy Planet and Sunshine.

Parents, can we please ask you to be particularly vigilant when your child is reading our library books at home. In particular, we would appreciate your assistance with the following:

  • Making sure that everyone washes their hands thoroughly before and after handling library books
  • Refrain from licking fingers to assist in turning pages and
  • If your child is unwell, please do not let them handle their library book

Caring For Our Books By Always Using a Waterproof Library Bag

One of the easiest ways we can care for our library books is to always have a waterproof library bag when borrowing and returning our library books. Your support in ensuring that your child only uses a waterproof library bag rather than a calico/cotton bag or a plastic folder is appreciated. The Uniform Shop sells the recommended library bag (green) for $15.00. Students will not be able to borrow if they do not have the correct style of bag with them.

Overdue Student Library Books and Continued Borrowing

At Aspley State School, we are committed to encouraging students' reading in its many different forms. Promoting responsible borrowing of our library resources is a critical element. Thank you to those families who have been unearthing missing library books over the holidays and returning them to the library as this ensures that we have resources that are available for others to use.

As we want to encourage students to read as much as possible, students who have one overdue book will be placed on Restricted Borrowing. This will allow them to borrow one book while they have one overdue book.

Students who have more than one book overdue will be unable to borrow until the overdue books are either returned or the invoice is paid (if one has been issued).

Please note:

  • Roll Class Overdue Notices are printed fortnightly and class teachers remind students and communicate with parents via their regular communication channel e.g. Class Dojo, email, class newsletter, notes home etc.
  • Invoices for the replacement of the overdue book are issued via the parent's email address when it is overdue by six weeks. They are also issued by the request of a parent when the book is known to be lost or damaged. 
  • Once the book is returned or the invoice is paid, the student will then revert to the regular borrowing allowances for their year level.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the staff at the library.

Linda Hamilton

Teacher in Charge of the Library

Last reviewed 25 May 2020
Last updated 25 May 2020