Aspley's Representative Sports Pathways

  1. ​Cross Country (Term 1)

  2. Athletics (Term 2/3)

  3. Swimming (Term 4)

Cross Country

Students in years 3-6 have the opportunity to compete in the annual school cross country. It is important to note that students must run in their correct age group according to their date of birth (regardless of what year or grade they are in).

How long is the race?  For the younger age groups, students aged 8 or 9 will only run 1km (or 1 lap). Students that are 10 years will run 2km (or 2 laps) and the older students 11 & 12yrs will run 3km (or 3 laps) – this is to match the distance for the North District Cross Country.

Can parents attend the events?  Here at Aspley State School we encourage parent involvement and attendance at all our sporting carnivals. Parents are also welcome to help with the carnival setup and it’s running (see the PE Specialist to offer assistance).

Where and when is the cross country held?  The school cross country is held every year towards the end of the first term (see school calendar for more exact dates) and is held at Ben Loman Park (Ben Loman Street, Aspley). Students will walk down to the park with their class and return with their class after the event.

What do students need? Permission to attend the school cross country is covered at enrolment. Students must wear shoes during the race (no bare feet) and are allowed to wear house colours.

What happens if my child is away on other school duties?

As parents, we juggle commitments regularly and sometimes cannot do everything. If your child has contradicting commitments, a decision must be made by the parent as to which activity you want your child to participate in. The only exception would be if a student was participating at a higher level of sporting that was of the same discipline at the time of the school event.

Junior and Senior Track and Field Carnivals

Aspley State School has a Junior and Senior Athletics Carnival. The Junior Carnival is for students in Prep -2, while the Senior Athletics Carnival is for any students in grades 3-6 (see school calendar for exact dates). All students competing in the Senior Carnival must be in grades 3-6 and must be in the correct age groups defined by their date of birth. Athletics is a representative sports pathway which means that eligible students who are turning 10,11 or 12 can represent Aspley State School at the next level which is North District.

Can parents come and watch? Here at Aspley State School we encourage parent involvement and attendance at all our sporting carnivals.

What events are my children in? Every student will have the opportunity to compete in all events at the athletics carnival. Students are given every opportunity to participate and gain points for their respective house.

How long does the carnival go for? The Junior Track and Field Carnival runs for a whole day, while the Senior Carnival is held over 2 days.

Swimming Carnival

At Aspley State School, there is a Junior Swimming Carnival (Grades 3-4) and Senior Swimming Carnival (grades 5-6). The junior carnival is all about participation and having fun. The senior carnival is a representative sports pathway – any students turning 10,11 and 12 can represent Aspley State School at the North District Swimming Trials.

Gala Day’s

In term 2, all North District Schools have an opportunity to play against each other in a variety of sports such as netball, soccer, rugby league, volleyball and basketball. There are 3 Gala Days (please see school calendar for the exact dates) during the term. All students in grades 4-6 will have the opportunity to trial for a sport and select which sport that they would like to participate in. Sometimes not all sports can be offered (due to lack of interest etc.) but we try and cater for all students as best we can.

Students will have to pay a levy for the Gala Day’s - as all sporting venues are away from school, this levy pays for buses and uniforms for the students. Some of the sports offered can lead to a representative sports pathway and further district involvement.

Friday Afternoon District Sport

During the last term of school, Aspley students will have the opportunity to participate in sport on a Friday afternoon. Some sports are offered locally but in most cases students will travel to another school to play their designated sport. Students are required to pay a levy that covers buses and uniforms.

Last reviewed 06 December 2019
Last updated 06 December 2019