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BConnected is the aggreement that provides the opportunity for students to bring their own iPad and use it for learning both at home and school. A full sized iPad will be on the booklist as an Optional Item for students in year 4-6 in 2018. 
Students use technology as a tool to enhance their learning. ICT is a tool for every occupation and is a significant part of our young people’s world. Some say that children who cannot access technology are the unskilled adults of the future! Using an iPad is not making your child smarter, nor does it guarantee better grades. Using ICT provides learners powerful technologies to locate, define and manipulate information to create new knowledge and to enhance their skills, knowledge and understandings. ICT is a tool for enhancing learning through the content of the Australian Curriculum.
Students at Aspley State School still engage in traditional handwriting, book reading and mathematical computations. Many apps on the iPad consolidate these core learning areas through drill and practice and also engage students to collaborate as global citizens. Teachers will provide students multiple opportunities to use a variety of tools for learning, and an iPad or computer is just one of these tools.  


Staff are currently preparing to enrol students in these programs for 2018. Once enrolled your child will receive user names and passwords for the programs. We look forward to your prompt payment of the Student Resource Scheme this term, if not already paid, to enhance these learning opportunities.

For information and a list of 2018 Apps and Set up guidlines please select the below


Aspley State School BConnected Information Handbook

2018 Year 4 BConnected Letter

2018 Year 5 BConnected Letter

2018 Year 6 BConnected Letter

 Aspley State School Digital Citizen Agreement